Community Room



The Community Room was created to serve the Township Trustee’s operations and the residents of Franklin Township. Use of the Community Room is governed by the Franklin Township Trustee and any applicable user fees adopted by the Franklin Township Board.

Priority for Use

In the event of conflicts or multiple requests, use of the Community Room will be permitted according to the following priorities

  1. Franklin Township Trustee:
    Activities or events sponsored or presented, directly or indirectly, by the Franklin Township Trustee.
  2. Franklin Township Community Organizations:
    Organizations and groups: local governing bodies and administrative boards, serving Franklin Township.
  3. Non-profit Organizations:
    Educational, civic or cultural organizations and groups operating within Franklin Township.

Rules and Regulations

    1. FEES
        1. The Community Room may be reserved free of charge by any non-profit organization for events which anticipate attendance of 120 or less.
        2. Organizations using the Community Room may not charge for attendance. All advertising must state: “This program is not sponsored by the Franklin Township Trustee.”
      There shall be no fund raising activities conducted during any use of the Community Room with the exception of events conducted by the Franklin Township Trustee.
    3. HOURS OF USEAll meetings shall be held between the hours of 8:30 am and 9:00 pm.The Franklin Township Trustee reserves the right to limit use of the Community Room by organizations whose activities interfere with township operations, adversely affect public safety or cause public disturbances.The Community Room may not be used for private social functions, e.g. private parties, receptions, etc.

      Attendance at meetings is limited to the number permitted by order of the Fire Marshal.

      The Community Room may not be reserved for use on a recurring basis for regularly-scheduled meetings extending beyond 4 months of the current calendar year.

      The following are strictly prohibited in the Community Room: (a) smoking, (b) gambling, (c) alcoholic beverages, (d) controlled substances, and (e) pets and animals, other than necessary guide animals.

      Organizations using the Community Room must observe the public accommodation provisions of the State of Indiana under which it is unlawful “to discriminate against any person in the full use and enjoyment of such public accommodation, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, handicap or disability, use of guide or support animals due to blindness, deafness, or physical handicap or because the user is a handler or trainer of such animals.
      Publicity for any event in the Community Room must clearly state that the organization is the SPONSOR and the Franklin Township Trustee’s Community Room is the LOCATION. Furthermore, the Trustee’s Office telephone number is not to be included in any news releases or flyers publicizing the event.
      No equipment will be provided for use.

Procedures and Requirements

        Applications for use of the Community Room shall be submitted to the Administrator or Township Trustee’s designee at least 2 weeks in advance and no more than one year in advance.

        A certificate of insurance may be required.

      2. USE OF FOOD AND BEVERAGESNo food or beverages will be permitted.

        The organization will be required to set up the room for the desired use and is expected to restore the room to the arrangement and condition in which it received the room. Failure to comply may result in a loss of use privilege and charges for maintenance, repair, or clean-up by the Franklin Township Trustee.

        The Franklin Township Trustee may modify, amend or supplement this Policy and any applicable rules and regulations as it deems necessary and appropriate. At its discretion, the Township Trustee may exempt itself or any other organization as the Township Trustee deems appropriate, from the restrictions and requirements of this Policy and any applicable rules and regulations regarding use of the Community Room. The Franklin Township Trustee reserves the right to administer this Policy and other matters relating to use of the Community Room.


November 1, 2010


Franklin Township Trustee’s Office-Community Room

Please read the Community Room Use Policy before completing this form.

Date of Application: _________________________________

Name of Group: ____________________________________

Contact Person: ________________________________ Phone: _______________________

Name of person(s) supervising event (if different than above): __________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Program Information:

Date(s) of the event: __________________________________ Hours: __________________

Type of Activity: ______________________________________________________________



Expected Attendance: Adults ___________ Children _____________

We have read and agree to abide by the Franklin Township Trustee’s policies and procedures governing the use of the Township Community Room. We also agree to defend and hold harmless and indemnify the Franklin Township Trustee and any of its employees or agents from any claims, suits or other actions arising from, caused by, or which are the result of any alleged act or omission of any organization, corporation, guest, invitee, licensee, visitor or other person present on the Township Trustee’s  premises for the purpose of participating in, organizing, assisting, enjoying, supervising or in any other way furthering the activity to be held (as described above) on the date(s) listed above. The undersigned is authorized to execute this agreement on behalf of this organization.

You will be contacted by Franklin Township staff to confirm your application. If you have questions please contact Debbie Civils at 317-780-1700 ext. 103, or Submit form via fax: 317-472-0399.

Signature of Applicant: ________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________

Approved: ________________________________________________

Date: _________________